Since we have launched MaMI I’ve been asked a lot “Why T-shirts? Why MaMI?”.

As we are now close to the end of the first collection pre-sale, I will answer to this BIG question.

During the lockdown, as many of you, I’ve worked alone; I continued to write my new novel and a TV Series. The novel it’s a “solo” job – ouch, you’re always all lone when you’re writing a novel – the Tv Series was a shared effort with three colleagues. We made lots of zoom or Skype meetings, we talked a lot, one of us took notes and sent them to the team and so on. We managed to delivery the first draft just before the end of the lockdown.

Still, I had a lot of spare time. Too much.

I’ve been drawing scribbles or simple geometric shapes on t-shirts for ages. One night, with Midori, we said: why don’t we just try to make them for real? For real, meaning that Midori is a designer and we could actually realise them!

Designing T.shirts, beyond the books, magazines, movies, documentaries, TV shows, everything I’ve done with the aim of contributing to a more evolved, socially aware, pop-culture, it seemed to me, funny and easy. A children’s game. T-shirt are superfluous, they belong to the lust-coated kingdom of what is not necessary, and therefore highly desirable. Often undervalued, as it happens to superficiality. I did that mistake. I was wrong, because it’s good for your life and for the people’s who love you.

These are the psychological motivations (“everything is psychology”, said the famous writer) and the cultural ones, if I may say so.

So we started working, having a lot of fun, on a simple and immediate project (again, a children’s game, but a perfectly done type of game – and in fact my twelve years old son took part in it). We were incredibly, childishly excited thinking about the fact that it was indeed possible to get realised an idea conceived during a pandemic lockdown. This was May.

By the end of July we were ready to release the website and to start selling our t-shirts. I will not add anything here about the concept, the material we use, you can find everything on the website.

I just wanted to say that it went super well. T-shirts are almost finished and everything worked out great. In a few days, all the people that pre-ordered will receive them and we are very excited to see people wear them, to follow them in their journeys in the real world, in this extremely strange summer, now ending.

The game became real. Let’s play!

Massimo Coppola


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